Mobile Suit Gundam: Universal Century vs Mobile Suit Gundam: Cosmic Era

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Universal Century vs Mobile Suit Gundam: Cosmic Era

Post by the General on Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:21 pm

why not bring this huge debate here. to me, it's clear the UC would win.

the most powerful suit in the Cosmic Era, like the Freedom and Destiny run off nuclear reactors. This makes em do circles around battery operated ones.

in the UC, everything is nuclear powered. So the moment UC reached like 83, it's gonna do circles around the cosmic era. Zeta and Hyaku Shiki alone would stomp the Freedom and Destiny. not to mention the UC's particle guns would negate the effects of phase shift armour completely. All the Cosmic era has is flashy plasma guns and lasers, which would do little damage to the Luna Titanium and Anti Beam Tiles of the Hyaku Shiki or UC's gundam class suits.

Let's not even bring newtypes into this, or anything past Zeta Gundam really.

There are things in Gundam seed which would fare well if they had the right tech, give all those coordinators some nuke suits and they would do well against the regulars of the UC.

But we all know, Char would stomp all the CE characters.
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