Raffle winners

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Raffle winners

Post by Ashs-pidgeotto on Thu Sep 26, 2013 4:04 pm

Come pick your prizes up at meeting tomorrow, if you can't attend then contact me

I <3 Anime Bracelet: Lucas Williams
Leafeon Bracelet: Xavier Diaz Sanchez
Kawaii Bracelet: Chii Keycharm
State Alchemist: Krystyna Castillv
Pikachu Bracelet: Robit (or Rohit?) Sharia
Cat Charm: Ben Frane

8 Random winners of bootleg Pokemon (can pick at club meeting)
Kelly Schelhy
Xavier Diaz Sanchez
Mark Roberts
Lucas Williams
Rohit Sharia
Paul Moore
Breanna (Ocean?)
Adian Levack

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