week of March 27th

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week of March 27th

Post by That-dork-mandy on Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:33 pm

Hey happy people! How is your Wednesday going?
This week I'm happy to announce our first "Webcomic Wednesday". What's Webcomic Wednesday? Why it's just a wednesday where I post links to some rad comics. Feel free to leave suggestions for ones you would like to see next time in the comment section! And without further ado..

Best Friends Forever
"In their last year of high school, the popular dirt-poor quarterback and the nerdy-chic billionaire student council president try to hold their unlikely friendship together - despite the suspicions & meddling of their eclectic schoolmates. Will the raunchy rumors prove true, or will their close bond break under peer pressure?"
Updates Wednesdays

Shrub monkeys

A slice of life/autobiographical webcomic by canadian animator who goes by the online handle KTShy.
It doesn't update anymore, but it's still pretty funny. I suggest hitting the "first" button to read the whole thing, it's really neat to watch as her art has improved.

Black Adventures Comic

A pokemon black and white webcomic.
What started off as a random 4chan anons decide the actions things, developed into an interesting, and somewhat hilarious adventure.
Following the adventures of Black and N, along with missingno, and joy the audino (and occasionally Black's friends) the events of the popular games are played out in humorous ways you wouldn't expect. it doesn't follow the games exactly and does contain a lot of "magical girl" style fights. So, if that's up your alley you should def. check it out.

Updates? Randomly.

That's it for this week! until next time~

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